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OCULUS Myopia Master®

The Myopia Master® from OCULUS

The new OCULUS Myopia Master® is the world’s first device to combine the important measurement methods axial length, refraction values and the central corneal radii.

The quick, contactless and extremely accurate measurement method for axial length is not influenced by the accommodation-status of the eye and is performed by utilizing interferometry.

Using the new Myopia Master® will be a tremendous help for eye care practitioners when assessing their patient’s visual condition.

OCULUS Myopia Master®




    The ideal combination:
    Refraction, axial length and keratometry



    The standard method for measuring visual disorders such as myopia, is by refraction. However, due to day-to-day changes in visual acuity as well as measurement variability, refraction tests are prone to fluctuation and unavoidable measurement inaccuracies.


    Axial length measurement

    The axial length of the eye can be measured accurately and independently of accommodation. The Myopia Master® integrates the approved axial length measurement function from the Pentacam® AXL.



    The central corneal radii can be automatically measured and succinctly displayed using a keratometer. These data are what determines the refractive component of the myopic eye.

    What is myopia?

    Short-sightedness (also termed myopia) means that near objects are seen sharply, while distant objects appear blurred. An eye is short-sighted either when it is too long or when its cornea and crystalline lens refract the light too strongly. In both cases the focal point comes to lie in front of the retina, resulting in a blurred image.

    “By the year 2050 one out of two individuals could be affected by myopia!”

    (Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia)

    Numbers speak a clear language

    A comparison illustrates the rapidity of this development: In the year 2000 22.9% of the global population were affected by myopia and 2.7% had high myopia beyond -5 diopters. According to Brien Holden's forecast, by 2050, 50% of the world's population could be myopic and at least 10% could be suffering from high myopia. The development is also dramatic within Europe. According to data recently presented by the European Eye Epidemiology Consortium, more than 47% Europeans between 25 and 29 years of age are myopic.


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