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Slit lamps from OCULUS: Tailored to your requirements

A universal slit lamp is an absolute must for any ophthalmologist or optometrist. All slit lamps have one fundamental difference: their design.

Whilst most manufacturers have just one design in their program, at OCULUS you’ll find both widely used types. So, depending on what you’re used to and prefer: We offer you the slit lamp that is most suitable for you and your practice or consulting routine.

This means you can get started straightaway with diagnoses or contact lens correction at OCULUS quality, without the need for extra training or familiarization periods.

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What makes all slit lamps from OCULUS stand out

At OCULUS you’ll find stereo microscopes with convergent binocular vision and a 5-step magnification turret integrated in the microscope itself as standard. This ensures that our slit lamps are easy to use and offer you the convenience you need as ophthalmologist or optometrist. But of course, that’s not all that makes our slit lamps stand out.

Magnification factors up to 40x

Slit lamp microscopes usually provide a maximum magnification factor of 32x. At OCULUS we’re a step ahead here, too. Our slit lamps can be set up to 40x in five easy steps. This makes your examinations even safer.

Integrated power management system

Another advantage: OCULUS slit lamps are very easy to install on OCULUS workstations. One key reason for this is the integrated power management system. Just a few steps and your slit lamp microscope is connected to the power supply.

OCULUS service

Although our slit lamps require very little maintenance, we’re prepared for any eventuality. That’s because OCULUS quality also includes OCULUS service. This means you can rely on us to provide help quickly. 

Select your model

Which type of slit lamp do you prefer? Find out everything about our stereo microscopes here ...

  • SL-IC5


    Sharp optics combined with bright, homogeneous slit illumination guarantees you a clear view with the OCULUS SL-IC5. Take advantage of the wide range of filters (blue, red-free, neutral density, diffuser) integrated in the new OCULUS slit lamp.


  • OCULUS ImageCam® 3

    ImageCam® 3

    The OCULUS ImageCam® 3 is one of the world’s smallest image documentation systems and can be adapted to virtually all commercially available slit lamps.


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