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OCULUS Easygraph

Small and Almighty!

The Easygraph offers the ideal solution to practices struggling with limited space.  Mounting directly on the slit lamp, this space-saving corneal topographer incorporates assessment of the cornea directly into the examination process. The Easygraph uses the same precise measuring technology as the Keratograph and is both a topographer and a keratometer combined into one unit. Numerous analysis and display formats support you in the quantitative classification of the cornea. The optionally available Contact Lens Fitting and OxiMap® software modules can also be integrated to add confidence and trust to all contact lens consultations.

OCULUS Easygraph




The OxiMap® presents a color map of the oxygen transmissibility of soft contact lenses based on the lens power, which is easy to understand – even for your customers!

How Much Oxygen Really Reaches the Cornea?

Until now, only the oxygen transmissibility values for the center of a contact lens with -3.0 D were available. The OxiMap® shows the oxygen transmissibility depending on the lens material and the lens thickness. The OxiMap® is available for the most frequently sold spherical soft contact lenses. This impressive tool assists you in helping your patients select the most suitable contact lens.

The OxiMap® color coding of the Dk/T-values and the recommended wearing time

Compare Different Soft Contact Lenses!

The OxiMap® is individually adapted based on the lens power and supports you in your consultation with the patient and helps you to choose the most suitable contact lens. New materials used for soft contact lenses provide excellent oxygen transmissibility.


OxiMap® was developed in close cooperation with JENVIS Research and the University of Applied Sciences in Jena.

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